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Wolf Tooth B-Rad System

Details on the Wolf Tooth B-RAD product line.

Wolf Tooth BarBag

BarBag attaches to your handlebars and allows for quick access to stored items like fuel, phone, or wallet while navigating rugged terrain.

Easy to flip open with one hand (even while wearing bulky gloves) and it with MagCro® it closes just as simply.
Three points of connection for all-terrain stability
Clear lid lets you see supplies while riding
Installs quickly to your handlebar and stem


Works with flat or riser handlebars
17-18 cm of open space available
50 mm or longer stem

Wolf Tooth ReMote LightAction Dropper Lever

ReMote LA, or Light Action, is another option in our class-leading ReMote line of dropper remotes. They solve common dropper remote complaints with the compact, ergonomic, and sturdy ReMote LA. The patent-pending ReMote LA has a longer lever arm than the standard ReMote and is optimal for dropper posts with a harder pull or for riders that just prefer a really light actuation feel. It reduces the force to actuate a dropper by nearly a third of the standard ReMote.

Wolf Tooth ReMote BarCentric Dropper Lever

The ReMote BarCentric is a dropper lever option for bikes with front shifters, lockout levers, or e-bike controls. The slender design of the ReMote BarCentric allows it to easily fit between the left grip and levers with four potential lever positioning options to avoid any interference with existing levers. This dropper lever has a ring shape that encompasses the handlebar, while also serving as a pivot point to provide the rider with extra leverage, making it easier to press the lever.

Wolf Tooth B-Rad Strap Base Mount

Want to carry more water for more miles and more adventure? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Wolf Tooth’s new B-RAD Strap Base is a versatile mount that allows riders to add a bottle cage where there once was none. The silicone-backed hook and loop straps are grippy and can easily be installed or re-positioned as needed. In addition, the Strap Base can function as a mini B-RAD base, offsetting existing bottle cage bosses by up to 22mm (.85 in) to make room for frame bags, piggyback shocks, or other accessories.

Silicone-backed hook and loop straps to keep base securely in place

Wolf Tooth B-Rad Half Bottle Adapter

Half Bottle Adapter lets you offset the bottle cage location to make your bottle more accessible, and to fit additional accessories like a pump, tool, tube, etc.

Easy to access bottles and out of the way of legs
Easy to install using existing cage mounts on bike(B-RAD Base component required; sold separately)
Use the DogBone base for curved downtube frames

Wolf Tooth B-Rad Double Bottle Adapter

Double Bottle Adapter is part of the B-RAD™ system that allows you to fit 2 bottle cages side-by-side.

Easy to access bottles and out of the way of legs
Easy to install using existing cage mounts on a bike
B-RAD Base component is required; sold separately

Tech Specs

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum brackets
Weight: 20g
Maximum load: 1700g
Torque: 3-4 Nm
Made in the USA

Wolf Tooth B-Rad Mounting Plate

Bases are the foundation for the B-RAD system and the rest of the B-RAD system mounts to them

Reposition bottle cages using existing bottle cage mounts on your bike
Lightweight, durable, rust-proof materials
Customize storage to your specific needs with flexible B-RAD system


The 2-Slot Base can move bottle or other accessory to an optimal location even on a smaller or dual suspension frame
B-RAD 2 base instructions


Wolf Tooth B-Rad Bottle Shift

Bottle Shift is designed to offset a bottle to a more optimal location and make it possible to also mount a pump on frames with large downtubes. It is most commonly used on dual suspension frames where the water bottle is difficult to access because of interference with the top tube or shock. By shifting the bottle slightly off center and tilting it outward, clearance is greatly improved.

Wolf Tooth EnCase System Bar Kit One

In-bike storage and essential riding tools that can meet the needs of almost any trailside repair. Durable, flexible storage sleeves make for a secure, clean place to stow EnCase® System tools or other small items. Fits most mountain bars and most road bars thanks to a storage sleeve with a customizable rubber flap that can be cut to meet your handlebars inner diameter.
The EnCase System: Bar Kit One includes a Hex Bit Wrench Multi-tool, a Chain + Tire Plug Multi-tool, and two Storage Sleeves.


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