Easton Cycling is focused on innovation and driven by technology. That rolls off the tongue pretty easily and you’ll find it on a million corporate websites, annual reports and all kinds of prospectuses. Yet few companies can back it up the way we can. In 1939, our founder began manufacturing arrows from aluminum instead of cedar wood, the material of choice for thousands of years. Ever since that moment, we’ve been a company focused on innovation and driven by technology.
Need more proof? We rolled out the industry-leading Hyperlite handlebar in the late 1980’s. Thanks to over 50 years experience in working with aluminum, we knew how to make a bar that weighed less than anything else on the market, but was also stronger. Competitors tried to copy; none were successful.

Searching for the next progression in material advancement, we moved into composite materials. It wasn’t long before we started to show results there too. A carbon bar that weighed less than aluminum and still met our rigorous tests, light and incredibly stiff carbon forks, and composite frame tubing proven in nothing less than the Tour de France.

We’re not afraid to say we’re focused on innovation and driven by technology. Even if you haven’t seen one of the trailblazing products yet, you can be sure there are more around the corner and those will break new ground too.