Fulcrum Racing Zero CMPTZN DB Wheels

Classified as one of the fastest ever Racing Zero models, this wheelset gives you incredibly smooth performance as you clock up the miles on your road bike. It features a tough aluminium construction, which makes it perfect at handling all that intensity that's associated with road-racing. Fulcrum has also equipped this version with blended carbon and aluminium hubs. This gives you even greater weight savings, while keeping your ride under control.

Available n HG11 or XDR Splines.

Fulcrum Racing Zero DB Wheels

The Racing Zero wheels are pretty much the gold standard for high-level aluminum road bike wheels. They convince with a unmistakable character, an extreme riding precision and the ability to transmit energy almost lossless onto the asphalt. Race after race, Zero wheels have become a synonymous for quality, performance, reliability and victory! A special triple milling makes it possible to reduce the weight of these rims as far as possible. Due to the low weight the acceleration will be further improved. The rim height amounts 30mm at the front and the rear wheel.

Fulcrum Speed 40 DB Wheels

This carbon wheelset is, as the name suggests, a high-end competition model and was developed specially for use with disc brakes. Thanks to the 2-WAY FIT™ technology developed by Fulcrum, the wheelset can be combined with both tubeless and clincher tyres. In addition to aerodynamics, the key words are low weight and ease of movement - characteristics that are guaranteed thanks to the use of USB™ ceramic bearings. These are characterised by extreme performance, as they reduce the coefficient of friction and eliminate internal friction, so that more energy is available for forward momentum.

Fulcrum Wind 40 DB Wheels

The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB road bike wheels for disc brakes offer you a variety of options. Aerodynamics and versatility have therefore been the spearheads in the development of the Wind 40 DB wheels. These wheels combine good aerodynamics with a low weight for fast acceleration and virtually no wind sensitivity. The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB is a direct derivative of the Fulcrum Wind 55 DB. Due to the rim height of 40 mm, the Wind 40 DB looks a bit more subtle in your bike and the wheels feel more stable in windy conditions or hilly areas.


Fulcrum Red Wind 55 DB Disc Wheels

Taking to the road with dynamically-deep rims and a quality carbon construction, these fast-paced new Fulcrum Red Wind 55 DB wheels ensure a top-level performance as you push for the podium.

Put through rigorous wind-tunnel tests to make sure the highest-performance levels are achieved, this pacy pairing roll with the utmost consistency through the most forceful, windy conditions to keep you upright and unfazed in your pursuit of silverware.

Fulcrum Red Zone 7 Boost MTB Wheels

The Red Zone 7 wheels are designed for mountain biking and are an introduction to the Fulcrum world. Reliable and stable, these wheels are meticulously built and able to adapt to the most varied trail condtions. Red Zone 7s are Fulcrums Cross Country-Marathon aluminium 27.5" wheels that perform well both as training wheels or when alternated with racing wheelsets.

Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Wheels

The Fulcrum Racing 5 is an exceptional wheelset, best in its class, fantastic value for money and it provides performance, comfort, efficiency and is superbly durable. Ideally suited to everything from training to racing, its reliability is unmatched.

This wheelset provides efficient power-transfer and delivers excellent stiffness thanks to its high lateral stiffness. This stiffness also enhances rolling performance and its responsiveness, making it a very versatile and dynamic option for many styles and road cycling requirements.

Fulcrum Racing 7 Disc 650B Disc Wheels

The Racing 7 wheels are designed to be simple, reliable & to push the limits of modern road cycling. They are ideal for those seeking a high-quality wheel build that is in line with modern cycling standards, axle requirements & disc brake compatib

Fulcrum Racing 4 C17 Road Wheels

The Racing 4 wheelset provides an exceptional balance between performance, stiffness and versatility. Featuring a medium profile, which provides aerodynamic benefits while having superb stability and crosswind control, a true all-rounder.

Fuclrum Racing 6 C17 Road Wheels

The Racing 6 is an entry-level wheelset, which houses technologies found on their pro-line of wheels. Featuring an asymmetric rim profile, 2:1 spoke lacing & differentiated rim height for the perfect balance of speed, stability & power transfer.

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