Fulcrum Red Wind 55 DB Disc Wheels

Taking to the road with dynamically-deep rims and a quality carbon construction, these fast-paced new Fulcrum Red Wind 55 DB wheels ensure a top-level performance as you push for the podium.

Put through rigorous wind-tunnel tests to make sure the highest-performance levels are achieved, this pacy pairing roll with the utmost consistency through the most forceful, windy conditions to keep you upright and unfazed in your pursuit of silverware.

Built with a 55mm depth, the unidirectional carbon rims stay rigid and responsive with each roll and cope admirably with the harshest crosswinds to keep you perfectly balanced at high speeds. Supported by durably-made alumnium hubs and strengthened with stainless-steel spokes, both wheels provide a buttery-smooth rotation and slice through the air with aerodynamic excellence.

Disc brake-compatibility enhances the stopping abilities of this rampant wheelset, while the Two-Way-Fit tubeless-ready design improves cornering grip and puncture protection when using lower inflation tyres. With such high-end qualities throughout each wheel, the Wind 55 DB wheelset is an essential choice for the focused road rider.