Litespeed NoliChucky Trail Titanium MTB Frameset

With a titanium front triangle and carbon rear, the Litespeed Nolichucky could be just about the best enduro bike you could imagine, offering the compliance and comfort of titanium with the hardcore stiffness of carbon.

Litespeed Unicoi Endurance XC Titanium MTB Frameset

If you are interested in buying something that climbs like a hardtail and can take a flow trail like a full suspension rig, then the Litespeed Unicoi will be just what you’re after. It’s an XC bike that will give you the traction and comfort levels that will make every trail a joy and help you pile-on the miles.

Litespeed T2 Disc Frameset

Performance, Unmatched Quality, with the power and control of Flat Mount Disc Brakes.

The T2 doesn't back down from any challange on the road. Zone specific shaping takes full advantage of the top tube for a responsive ride when you need it most. Thru Axles stiffen the ride eliminating side to side flex.

This Disc specific frame eliminates the need for brake bridge on seatstays. The same BB shell that contributes to the T1SL's lightweight atributes is used on the T2. These weight saving technics add up to a responsive lightweight machine hungry for your next move.

Litespeed Gravel Ti Frameset

The new Litespeed Gravel is the most versatile all-road bike we've ever made. With ample amount of tire clearance and options both front and rear (up to most 700 X 45mm gravel tires and 27.5 X 2.1 MTB tires, yes 27.5 or 650b wheels are an option) the Gravel is ready to tackle any type of road surface.

Litespeed Pinhoti Boost Ti MTB Frameset

As trail systems continue to flourish and evolve, so do the bikes. The pure essence and ride quality of a titanium hardtail continue to set the gold standard for high performance cross country and trail riders abroad. As we define the perfect Ti hardtail, we too resist the ‘new standard of the week’ the bike industry seems to cram down our throats. However, some make perfect sense and we’ve responded. Stiffness requirement of the frame and wheels goes up with the added footprint and decrease in tire pressure.

Litespeed T5 Titanium Road Frameset

Gran Fondo Geometry for Performance and All-Day Comfort

Litespeed T2 Titanium Road Frameset

Form follows function and it looks good on the T2. The Top tube expands drastically at the headtube through zone shaping for responsive ride quality especially those intense out of the saddle efforts without losing the ability to tame road vibration like only titanium can. Throughout the frame, you will find oversized, shape-specific tube designs for stiffness and compliance where needed. Advanced tube maniuplation efficiently reduces overall frame weight while maintaining the integrity of titanium's strength.

Litespeed Pinhoti SL Frameset

Named after the rugged trail system in Georgia, The Pinhoti SL is the perfect titanium hardtail. This Super Light frame enables snappy acceleration and quick climbing. Whether geared or singlspeed it has amazing vertical compliance with perfect torsional rigidity. Compact rear-center, elevated seat stays and shorter wheelbase create an agile yet balanced platform for quick and responsive handling.

Litespeed T1SL Frameset

The T1sl is a no-holds-barred race bike, born of years of our titanium expertise. Now even lighter and stiffer than before, it’s proof that weight-weenie status isn’t limited to carbon and that titanium is still the material of choice for discerning riders. High performance road geometry with a 15% weight reduction from the 2015 T1, the new 2016 T1sl is Super Light. It's new innovative top tube is created from a single sheet of 6Al/4V titanium to make a unique multi-facted tapered tube that reduces weight and increases stiffness.

Litespeed Ku:Wa Titanium Frameset

27.5 inch Hardtail – Sweet, Fast, and Free like the Wild Mulberry Tree that thrives in woods of North Georgia

The ku:wa (koo-wa: Cherokee word for Mulberry) is an incredibly versatile frame, ready to tackle anything from urban riding to the most demanding singletrack. Design: On point. Trails: En garde.

With performance-inspired geometry that’s identical to the ah:wi, the ku:wa delivers Litespeed titanium craftsmanship for riders of all breeds.

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