Goodyear Eagle F1 Tubeless Road Tire

Equipped with cutting-rdge technology, the Eagle F1 has a single mission of all-round race performance at the highest level.
Dynamic:GSR - A propietary blend of synthetic and natural rubbers enhanced with Graphene and next generation amorphous (non-crystalline) spherical Silica; our Dynamic:GSR compound has been developed to expand the 'Magic-Triangle' with improved Rolling Efficiency, enhanced wet and dry grip and increased Durability.
Tubeless Complete Road - "Goodyear Bicycle Tires proprietary design that features all the benefits of a Tubeless Ready (TLR) tire but will also better maintain inflation pressure than a traditional TLR tire.
A multi-compound material layer is added to our high-pressure Road-UHP tire casing allowing for improved air retention while providing additional puncture and cut protection with minimal increases in weight. Our unique design means more sealant remains after installation, ready for the moment you need it."
Armor - Bead to bead cut and puncture protection casing layer.