Goodyear Eagle F1 Tube Type Road Tire

Equipped with cutting-rdge technology, the Eagle F1 has a single mission of all-round race performance at the highest level.
Dynamic:GSR - A propietary blend of synthetic and natural rubbers enhanced with Graphene and next generation amorphous (non-crystalline) spherical Silica; our Dynamic:GSR compound has been develp[ed to expand the 'Magic-Triangle' with improved Rolling Efficiency, enhanced wet and dry grip and increased Durability.
Tube Type System - "A clincher tire that is only functional with an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure as defined by ISO 4223-1. The historically standard bicycle tire relies on the use of an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure. The inner tube serves two purposes; maintaining inflation pressure along with providing physical pressure on the tire’s bead against the rim hook and sidewall to help keep it safely in place."
R:Shield - The R:Shield is a breaker belt found underneath the tread cap, providing an extra layer to improve puncture protection while maintaining optimal rolling resistance characteristics.