Fizik Antares R3 Kium Saddle

The Fizik Antares R3 Kium Saddle's flat profile — designed for Fizik's "chameleon" cyclist — bows into a slightly rounded transverse section that lets you cycle through your muscle groups by adjusting your position in the saddle, something we especially like during long, grind-it-out climbs. Sit back to engage your gluts, and slide forward on the nose to make your quads do the lion's share.

The shell is fiberglass-infused thermoplastic that saves ten grams over the R5's carbon and nylon construction. This provides the stiffness necessary to support sit bones while also allowing flex at the edges to reduce chafing. Fizik's Wingflex technology, which allows the sides of the saddle to move with your legs while keeping the top rigid means that you'll transfer all your power to the pedals, not to the saddle. The entire length of the Antares is covered in microtex fabric.

The rails are made from Kium, an alloy that enjoys an 8% weight reduction compared to titanium, without sacrificing durability and corrosion resistance. The Kium rails do make a sacrifice of about 30 grams to the Antares R3 with Braided Carbon Rails, but there are some places where we find alloy more reassuring, especially when total weight is still sub-200 grams.