Vision Metron 55 SL Disc Carbon Clinchers

The Vision Metron 55 SL wheelset is now also available for the latest generation road and cyclcross bikes equipped with disc brakes. As well as the rim brake version you will ride these wheels once and won’t want to ride without again. This Metron 55 SL Disc sits comfortably in the mid-range of Vision’s Metron rim depths, and offers the most versatility in the line up. This wheel climbs, descends, corners, and accelerates with the best of them. Vision’s complete wheel system features 17mm internal wide deep section carbon clincher rims, P.R.A. aluminium hubs with revised cnc machine bodies featuring 6 bolt mounts and durable ACB bearings, direct pull bladed spokes, direct pull bladed spokes, ABS brass nipples, 2 to 1 lacing at the rear, CFD / wind tunnel proven aerodynamics.

Vision's ultrafast and stable aero wheel developed through extensive CFD analysis and wind tunned testing. After years of proving FSA Vision wheels strengths and durability at Paris Roubaix, the Metron 55 SL represents the next step in their understanding wheel aerodynamics. Riders have long understood that a deeper wheel is dramatically affected by side winds, and that riding in sidewinds is not uncommon. The Metron 55 SL handles those sidewinds better than any comparable wheels of this depth.

The Preload Reduction Assembly called system applies a preload to the hub bearings via threaded clamps. It provides a bearing adjustment without dismounting. Furthermore the revised hubs are featuring more durable ACB steel-bearings (2 front, 4 rear), a larger drive-side flange and an increased flange width.