Surly Mr. Whirly Crankset

Rather than restricting our stuff–and you–to the limits of category, we design multiple possibilities into our stuff as much as we can. Our Mr. Whirly crank illustrates this nicely. It is the crank designed to meet your needs, even as those needs change. Run it as a single, double, or triple. Swap it between bikes. Mountain bike with it. Tour with it. Commute with it. Go nuts.

Here’s how it works. Mr. Whirly spiders are available in 3 common bolt circle diameters (94mm, 104mm, & 110mm) and are interchangeable, as they all connect via the 58mm BCD granny ring holes of the drive side arm. The spindles are CroMoly and are available in two lengths. One is for 68 and 73mm BB shells and the other is for 100mm shells, such as on our Pugsley. The arms and spiders are forged from 7075-T6 aluminum. The whole thing spins on outboard-style bearings. You can get Mr. Whirly as an armset or as a complete crank.

Complete cranks are offered in single-speed and mountain triple configurations. They come mostly assembled and include bearings, cup spacers, and a spindle. Triples are geared 22-32-44t, are available in 170 and 175mm lengths, and are available with either the shorter spindle or with the longer version. Single-speed cranks come with a 33t Surly stainless steel ring installed and the shorter spindle only.

Single-speed cranks are offered in 175mm and 180mm lengths. All our complete cranks are offered in black only.

Armsets are available in silver or black and come with all basic assembly hardware. If you buy an armset you’ll still need a Mr. Whirly spider, bearing set, Mr. Whirly spindle, chainring(s), and hardware to mount the ring(s) to the spider.

The Stuff:

Mountain Triple Crankset: 22/32/44t rings (aluminum) on 58/94mm BCD spider. Available with shorter spindle (68/73mm BB shells) or longer spindle (100mm/Pugsely BB shells). 170 and 175mm lengths. Black.

Single-speed Crankset:
33t Surly stainless steel ring on 58/94mm BCD spider. Includes spindle for 68/73 shells. 175mm or 180mm. Black.

Armsets: 165, 170, 175, 180, & 185mm. Silver or Black. (165mm in Silver only). Forged 7075-T6 aluminum.

Spiders: 58/94mm, 58/104mm, 58/110mm BCD. Silver or Black. Aluminum.

Spindles: Short to fit 68 and 73mm BB shells or long to fit 100mm BB shells. CroMoly.

Bearing Sets: Outboard-style cups and bearings. Includes three 2.5mm spacers. Black or Silver.

Hardware: All small bits are available in case you lose something. Hardened steel or aluminum, depending on application.