Raceface Turbine SL Crankset

The Turbine SL crank continues the Race Face tradition for excellence in aluminum cranks. Featuring our signature I-Beam arm profiling & our smooth shifting, made in Canada Turbine rings and the addition of our 6AL-4V titanium spindle, the Turbine SL is an incredibly light & stiff performance crank-set.

  • Arms are carefully engineered using ultra-high strength 7050 aluminum alloy to maximize strength to weight ratio.
  • Fully forged for maximum fatigue resistance and then extensively CNC machined for that classic Race Face look.
  • Aggressive I-Beam profiling minimizes weight while maintaining stiffness and strength.
  • Race Face Turbine chainrings are 100% CNC machined from super-hard 7075 aluminum to maximize wear resistance & impact strength.
  • Featuring our ‘EXI’ interface external bottom bracket system for easier crank installation and removal with standard tools and fully adjustable chainline.
  • Integrated super light, CNC machined 6AL-4V Titanium spindle.