Limar Air Master Helmet

The Limar Air Master has been created for the pro, developed with their support and their tests. The goal is to offer a top aero and compact model, with a ventilation studied for the extreme performances of a Grand Tour, with its high temperatures. You can count on all the over thirty years of experience in producting and manufacturing more and more advanced models. Thanks to ongoing tests in the wind tunnel in Magny-Cours we have worked on every single detail, to reach the best possible balance between aerodynamic and ventilation. The result being an helmet with such a combination of performance and comfort like you have never seen before. Might sounds a contradiction, but it is a reality made possible by Limar tech. Exploiting the Venturi effect, the 15 air vents and their channel circuit allow the entry of a great quantity of air without compromising the aerodynamic feat. The comfort is guaranteed by the internal air circulation, where air flow along the channels inside the shell and the heat is expelled, keeping the head cool.