Lake TX213 Triathlon Shoes

When you're out of the water, you want to be able to jump on the bike as quickly as possible, and the Lake TX213 Triathlon Shoes will enable you to do just that. With dual hook and loop velcro straps, these shoes offer easy entry and exit, speeding up your transition times, and closing the material snugly around your feet.

A Sport last enhances comfort even when on the bike for extended periods, and is perfect for high cadence riding. It prevents numbness and hot-spots, with a fitted toe-box, high arch and mid-width ball girth.

The Nufoam is breathable and moisture-wicking so will draw perspiration away from your feet as well as dry quickly after your swim. A Trek-Dry liner offers antimicrobial properties to keep your feet and shoes fresh.

A fibreglass-injected nylon outsole ensures efficient transfer of power and is compatible with three-hole cleats in Shimano and Look pedal setups.