Fizik Aliante R1 Carbon Braided Saddle

Fizik's Spine Concept provides three different component classifications, each catering to different rider flexibility profiles. Cyclists with spines on the rigid end of the flexibility spectrum are deisgnated as Bulls. If you ride like Bull, maintaining position on the saddle and handlebars rather than moving around a lot, Fizik's designers have crafted the Fizik Aliante R1 Carbon Saddle for your needs. The R1 provides Fizik's highest level of engineering and design.

This current incarnation of the Aliante is a bit slimmed-down from the original design. High density padding saves some weight, and along with a refined shape—a touch wider with a trimmed-down nose section—makes the Aliante an excellent base from which to lay down your power. With a Twin-Flex shell, this Aliante rides the same as your beloved previous-generation version, so you can update to a fresh, sleeker aesthetic without sacrificing comfort.  

Fizik's R1 designation means one thing: performance. A carbon-injected nylon frame with a carbon fiber base is bonded to Fizik's braided carbon one-piece rail structure, allowing the R1 Aliante to slash weight while boosting comfort.

  • Actual weight: 183 grams
  • 275 x 140mm
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • Braided carbon 7 x 9mm rails
  • Carbon-injected nylon shell with carbon platform
  • Hard shell scuff guards
  • I.C.S. compatible
  • Made in Italy