Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack

Finding storage options for your ever-growing quiver of bikes can be frustrating. Keep your bikes both looking sharp and stowed efficiently with the Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack.  The Velo Wall Rack differs from other mounting systems by holding your bike laterally against the wall instead of vertically . Feedback's system takes advantage of unused wall space, sticking out a mere 13.5 inches from the wall -- a svelte profile as compared to hanging your bike. And since not all of your bikes have a straight top tube, the arms easily adjust to to hold all types and sizes of bikes up to 70 lbs. The soft, rubber-coated hands cradle your top tube and protect your bike's finish.  The lateral position also takes pressure off your rims, and thereby distributes the weight of your bike more evenly than traditional, boilerplate systems.

The Feedback SportsVelo Wall Rack screws into any standard wall stud and is available in the color Black.   The mounting dimensions are 300 x 92 x 11mm.