E-Thirteen TRS Tires

TRS tires are all about grip; grip to rail turns, precisely control drifts, and brake aggressively. From the ground to the rim, TRS tires are engineered to give the grip you need at race speed.

A row of hard-biting side knobs is bolstered by an angled, structural base to control roll under high speed cornering. Sipes on the knob surfaces are positioned to provide confidence while transitioning from straight line to cornering and back, and underpin excellent braking traction. Ramped, shorter center knobs keep TRS tires rolling fast.

The fanciest knobs in the world are useless without a solid foundation, so we designed a sturdy enduro-specific casing with a tough reinforced sidewall. This burly structure guarantees that the tire won’t fold under compression when you need grip the most.

Last but not least, we engineered precise tire fit to guarantee that your tires won’t squirm on the rim or burp sealant under extreme cornering loads. With the tire locked to the rim, the casing and knobs perform predictably under all circumstances. As a bonus, TRS tires and rims are designed to work together, so you can install tubeless tires with just a floor pump, no swearing required.

Available in 650B/27.5 x 2.35 in Race with Sticky Triple Compound or Plus with Dual Compound.