Cameron Brown rides Token!

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Cameron Brown, 2nd place 70.3 Ironman Philippines, now a Token Sponsored Athlete.

Excerpts from his conversations with Token -

Name : Cameron Brown

D.O.B. : 20.06.1972

Nationality : New Zealand

Height & Weight : 175cm / 70kg

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Quiet, shy, determined.”

Which Token products are you currently using?

“T90 & T55 Carbon Tubular wheels.”

“C22A Superlite Alloy clincher wheels.”

“DT58 disc wheel.” 

What are your race results for the past year?

  • 2nd Asia Pacific Ironman Championships
  • 1st New Zealand Half Ironman Championships
  • 3rd New Zealand 70.3
  • 2nd Philippines 70.3


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