2016 Quintana Roo PRSix Frameset

Much more than wind-tunnel tested bike, the PRsix Ultegra Triathlon Bike from QR is a technology-packed "Super Bike" fully capable of producing a podium finish at every race. The engineers at QR pooled their vast knowledge and expertise to push the design and development envelope of the PRsix tri bike. They leveraged their experiences to create the PRsix with race-proven SHIFT+ advanced aerodynamic technology and ultra-refined Boat Tail airfoil tube shapes to create an even more aerodynamic, and super stable, tri bike.

The PRsix rises above ordinary time trial bikes; it's the lightest, stiffest and most aerodynamic race bike on the market. It has the most intuitive and fully adjustable cockpit available, and it's unmatched in stability and responsiveness. QR's goal was to create a perfectly well-rounded triathlon bike, willing and able to conquer any race course on the planet. The world-class 2016 QR PRsix Triathlon frameset, with cutting-edge technology, exceeds all expectations.

Available in Green or Red and sold as a frameset. Q-Box are sold separately.