2014 Argon 18 Gallium Pro Frameset

Why not? Two words and a few rough sketches on a scrap of paper. From there into an idea, a mandate given the R&D engineers and designers at Argon 18: step outside the box, re-think the bike, overcome previous limitations, defy convention and take everything a few steps forward. Why not indeed? Make it lighter, more efficient, more comfortable, with better handling. Turn it into the ultimate flagship, a proud symbol for a company that has always been allergic to inertia, to resting on its laurels, to the status quo. A spontaneous vision became a challenge, then a project and now we have the 2014 Gallium Pro. Those few steps forward have been taken and then some: with a 15% increase in head tube stiffness thanks to the exceptional strength-weight ratio afforded by the new 7050 HM carbon laminate, response is even more immediate and handling is razor-sharp on any terrain.  

The new Gallium Pro also sets a precedent for its exceptional positioning versatility. With proven, intelligently conceived AFS geometry in its six frame sizes, the new bike furthers this versatility with the new ASP-6500 two-way seat post, offering an extremely wide range of adjustment. Customization is taken another step with the 3D Headtube, expanding the possibilities for pinpoint-perfect handlebar positioning, all without losing any of the frame and fork's desirable performance characteristics. When all of these positive attributes are taken this far, that spells “race winner”... or Gallium Pro.