2014 Argon 18 Gallium Frameset

You feel the difference immediately. The terrain ceases to impose its will. Instead, you find a new sense of ease, your riding is fluid, your pedal stroke energized. Even on the hard rides, you stay fresher, longer. A product of Argon 18's cutting-edge technology and inheriting much of the 2013 Gallium Pro's technical developments, this year's Gallium is unique. With this bike, riding hard has never been so rewarding. A rare and very successful mix of race-bike rigidity and all-day comfort with superb handling, the Gallium offers a glimpse of cycling heaven. 

Constructed of a new exclusive carbon formulation, 6100 HM, the Gallium is at home on any terrain. The new composite affords a 17% better stiffness-to-weight ratio versus the 2012 model and our AFS geometryensures an optimal fit for riders of widely different physical types, thanks to intelligently graduated dimensions across the six available frame sizes. The Argon 18 exclusive 3D Headtube offers unprecedented handlebar positioning flexibility and amazing front-end rigidity. This versatility is extended further by the ASP-6000 reversible carbon seat post, which makes the perfect position easy to achieve. The Gallium brings you the sum total of years of Argon 18 Research and Development work, condensed into a state-of-the-art machine that will move you every time you ride.