2014 Argon 18 E80 Frameset

It's your dream, go ahead and live it! You've pictured yourself going fast, now fulfill the dream with the E-80.  A prized product of Argon 18's ongoing R&D commitment, the E-80 will give you everything you expect from a triathlon/time trial bike and then some! On the E-80, your senses will come alive as you break through old barriers and discover racing as you've never experienced it before. The 3005 Thermo-Tech triple-butted aluminum frame sends every last ounce of power down to the pavement. Its aero-profile carbon fork adds to the frame's inherent qualities, for a smooth ride and reduced weight. The reversible carbon ASP-4000 seat post allows quick and simple access to the ideal position for effective aerodynamics and maximum watts.  

You'll feel perfectly positioned on the E-80 thanks to Argon 18's exclusive AFS/Tri geometry, a design that sensibly modifies every frame dimension from XS to L size, so that athletes of all physical types may find the best possible fit; the perfect position for time trial or triathlon. Efficient aerodynamics with wind tunnel tested tube profiles and brakes mounted behind the fork and crankset, hidden from the wind. The right weight along with an optimal blend of rigidity and comfort: the E-80 has it all. Follow your dreams into a new world of performance, on the E-80.