2014 Argon 18 E118 Frameset

Its design speaks for itself.  As they say: it looks fast just standing still.  Sleek, sculpted expressly to bring out the most thrilling emotions.  You wanted the best possible triathlon or time-trial machine and we at Argon 18 heard you, so we present the E-118, a true monster of efficiency and power, ridden by Terenzo Bozzone, Leon Griffin, Ivan Rana, Magali Tisseyre and Clemente Alonso, champions all. These serious contenders have called on the Brand with the Molecule for a serious ride, a bike that can carry them to the winners' circle... the E-118. 

This bike's development parallels the development of Argon 18 the company, a history of never-ending research, experimentation and prototypes, all based on a deep knowledge of cycling tradition and time-proven principles. The E-118 is the result of the company's design progress in terms of total integration, uniting the frame, fork and handlebar/stem as first seen in 2008 with the E-114, netting Argon 18 theEurobike Design Award that year. Here, the concept is advanced further in the form of ONEness 2.0, a refinement that improves aerodynamics, bolsters stiffness yet again and gives the E-118 greater agility, all while offering a wider range of positioning options. The E-118 channels raw power and refined efficiency combined with a clever and inventive design for ultimate positioning customization. 

Every detail has been considered in integrating bike and rider for reduced aero drag. Computer Fluid Dynamics technology has been used along with a digital sampling process that reproduces in the computer model the effects generated by a rider pedaling the bike, leading to a set of shapes optimizing the aero efficiency and getting the most out of the 7105 HM carbon's characteristics, resulting in a bike unmatched for its low drag, light weight, stiffness and comfort, all optimally balanced... of course. AFS geometry ensures proper weight distribution and offers a wide range of positioning options for riders of all physical types, whether it's for a triathlon or a time-trial application. Di-2 and EPS compatibility means you can build the bike with an electronic or a mechanical drivetrain without need for any extra or substitute parts... and you can change your mind later, if you wish. 

Now there's no need to choose between performance and position, or efficiency and comfort; you can have it all in one package with the E-118.