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Quintana Roo PRSix Disc

Highlights of the new Quintana Roo PRSix Disc.

QR-YKKBikes powered athlete Maria Hodges wins 2nd place on IM 70.3 Subic Bay 2016

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Congratulations to USA based Filipina Triathlete Maria Hodges for clinching 2nd place of the Women's Filipino Elite division on IM70.3 Subic Bay 2016 last March 6, 2016. She finished a time of 05:16:20 after a grueling 1.9 KM swim, 90 KM bike and 21KM run.

Quintana Roo/Vision Wheel/SRAM powered athlete Maria Hodges will be back racing in the Philippines on August 7, 2016 for the IM70.3 Cebu Asia Pacific Championships.

Quintana Roo PRFive - Lava Magazine Gear of the Year

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Lava Magazine Editor's Pick for 2016 Gear of the Year - the Quintana Roo PRFive.

2015 Quintana Roo PRSix by Dan Empfield from www.slowtwitch.com

Quintana Roo's PRsix is a case study in listening. Too many bike companies design their bikes without much thought given to the consumer. Rather, they're built for Pro Tour or Continental team riders; or they're the expressions of a bike designer's pet theory. There are bikes being sold right now that tick all feature boxes but their owners cannot adjust them; fix them; travel with them. 

QR leaps to 5th place in Kona Bike Count

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After the 2014 Kona Ironman World Championships Bike Count - Quintana Roo moved up a notch from sixth place to fifth place for 76 bikes surpassing Scott, Cannondale, Giant & BMC bikes.  Quintana Roo is the pioneer of the triathlon sport specific bikes that was unveiled on 1989 when Dan Empfield filled the gap with QR's first ever tri-specific bikes.  Fast forward to 2014, QR has launched the new 2015 PR-6 super bikes which is the lightest tri/TT frameset on the market today - aerodynamic + lighweight.

About QR -

2015 Quintana Roo PR-6 SuperBike

SMART + STREET SMART: QR is proud to introduce the QR PR6, a bicycle alone in approach and backed by a trusted heritage of innovation in triathlon. Light, agile, and responsive in a way largely considered impossible for the superbike category, the PR6 reinvents the expectation of overall ride handling and power-to-pedal efficiency.

2012 Quintana Roo Illicito

"The most striking feature is the "MISSING" Seatstay, design to improve the QR's aerodynamics" - 220triathlon Magazine - www.220triathlon.com January 2012.  

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