Time Xpresso 8 Carbon Road Pedals

Nearly every existing pedal's concept of adjustment is limited to either Q-Factor or spring retention --  adding a washer or turning three clicks with a hex key. This isn't the case with the Time's Xpresso 8 Pro Pedals.

The Xpresso 8's iClic concept enables this pedal to provide fast engagement without any rubbing. It automatically pre-opens the engagement mechanism so that your foot is quickly released with minimum effort. As a result of this design, the Xpresso features a 15 degree release angle and the oversized composite platform aids engagement by guiding the cleat while its aerodynamic shape keeps drag at an absolute minimum.

Like the carbon fiber body, the use of Time's patented carbon flexion blades instead of the traditional metal springs, keeps weight at a minimum. Supporting this design trend, the pedals adopt a hollow steel axle and an interchangeable stainless steel base plate. Accordingly, this wide base plate provides a confident pedal platform with a strong capability for an efficient power transfer.

For fine tuning, the Xpresso 8 allows you to dial angular movement for individual preference. This means that you can tighten or loosen the pedals with +/- 5 degrees of float. And not only can you widely adjust the pedal's angular float, but the Xpresso has 2.5mm of lateral movement and an adjustable Q-factor. So, you can set the foot's lateral positioning inboard or outboard depending on your pedaling goals.

Additionally, with TIME's Feeling Adjustment, you gain access to three angular float resistance settings. And while these attributes are great, a standout feature has to be Time's Bioposition concept. This design reduces the distance from the sole to the pedal axle for a direct and efficient power transfer through the pedal. You'll find this concept extended through the use of an ultra-wide pedal platform of 700 square millimeters and as TIME claims, it's the best surface area/weight factor ever created.