Time Xpresso 10 Pedals

The only difference between Time's Xpresso 10 Pedals and the top-end models are ceramic bearings and titanium axles. While these changes have a nominal effect on weight, the Xpresso 10s' combination of carbon bodies and hollow steel axles mean they pack more than enough lightweight punch for even the punchiest cyclists.

Of course, all models of Xpresso pedals use the same iClic pre-open clipless system. iClic provides a generous platform that not only simplifies engagement by guiding the cleat into the pedal, but it also feels sturdy and secure underfoot during hard efforts out of the saddle. The carbon bodies, lightweight aluminum plate, and hollow steel spindles keep weight low enough that the Xpresso 10s boast an industry-leading weigh-to-surface ratio.

Of course, durability is always a concern with pedals, and the comically light platform bodies initially gave us pause; however, even the Xpresso 6 pedals have been proven on a course as grueling as Roubaix, so the 10s are more than equal to virtually any demands you can make of them.

For fine tuning, the Xpresso 10 allows you to dial angular movement for individual preference. This means you can tighten or loosen the pedals with +/- 5 degrees of float. And not only can you widely adjust the pedal's angular float, but the Xpresso also has 2.5mm of lateral movement for an adjustable Q-factor.