SRAM Red 22 Groupset

Made for professionals this group is packed full of features every racer dreams of: light weight, aerodynamic, ergonomic, trimless – with Yaw™ technology,and near silent- thanks to a hollow steel dome cassette with StealthRings™.

SRAM's drivetrain delivers on the promise of those levers, too. The front and rear derailleurs team up to deliver rapid, positive engagement as all 22 ratios are utilized. The rear derailleur's strong springs translate into instantaneous shifts, and shifting effort that's just right — not too heavy, but not too light, either. The front derailleur has a built-in chain catcher, and it moves with a Yaw feature that both improves shifting speed and eliminates the need to trim the derailleur's position to prevent chain rub. In other words, all 11 of the cassette's gears are at your disposal in either front chainring. The hollow-arm Red crankset is one of the lightest and stiffest out there, making it a favorite of the pros, and the fact that one of the chainrings' five mounting bolts is integrated directly into the back of the crankarm saves weight and boosts stiffness to improve shifting accuracy.

The SRAM Red Aerolink brakeset is remarkable in both its weight and performance, and yet its design raised some eyebrows when it debuted. Aerodynamics, weight, and control were all considerations that drove engineers to revert "back" to a single-pivot design. Looking at the vast majority of high-end road brake calipers on the market, you'll notice dual pivot points that facilitate the rotation of the caliper's arms. SRAM conducted thousands of hours of testing to determine that this was, frankly, silly. The extra weight and complexity brought on by the extra pivot doesn't do nearly enough to justify the tiny increase in braking power it affords. Instead, the Red brakes utilize the Aerolink arm to drive the caliper's pivot action. Aerolink acts almost like a pulley, amplifying the cable's motion and translating into unprecedented stopping power from a single-pivot brake or any other mechanical brake on the market, for that matter. The difference is something you feel immediately and will never want to do without.