Personal Trainer inside your helmet.

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The Lazer Inclination Sensor is a body posture monitor that allows you to track aerodynamic cycling posture in real time. The monitor tracks the rider's head and helmet position and provides tactile or acoustic feedback when the rider's head is out of the optimal aerodynamic position.

Outfitted in Lazer Wasp aero helmets the Rally Cycling Professional Teams swept the USPRO Team Time Trial championship April 18 in Greenville, South Carolina, with dominating rides by both the men and women’s teams. The racing conditions were tough, with strong winds that required power as well as discipline to stay in the proper aerodynamic position. Rally Cycling had a secret weapon at their disposal: Lazer Inclination Sensor!

With the help of the Lazer Inclination Sensor and the aerodynamic performance of the Lazer Wasp helmet the Rally Men's Team was able to win the championship by 16 seconds and the Women's Team won with a margin of just four seconds!

When seconds matter Lazer provides the advantage!