OKO X-Treme Tire Sealant

X-Treme is a genuine step forward in tyre sealant performance - a real breakthrough product that fights bigger holes and even slits.  Designed for the needs of off-road competitors, it is the difference between winning and being left stranded by a ‘snake bite’/ pinch flat.

It has been tested in the most demanding downhill, extreme and cross-country events and has been the difference between winners and losers.  Like OKO Puncture Free, it is also perfect for tubeless conversions, in this case for those who will be putting their bikes through extreme tests.

380 ml bottle deals with one bike: for 26” or larger MTB or Cross Country tyres it is simply ‘half in the front, half in the back’.  Simple fitting, using the valve core remover and filling tube supplied in every bottle cap.  800ml Value Pack will economically protect 2 bikes.

25 litre drum is ideal for retailer and team service workshops: the heavy-duty drum pump is a one-time purchase and can be rinsed out again and again for repeated use in filling tyres rapidly. It uses the unique OKO Bike drum pump with adjustable dosage, plus Schräder and Presta screw fittings.