Lazer Tardiz 2 Tri Helmet

The Lazer Tardiz 2 Aero Helmet is a triathlon-oriented helmet that also could work on the road and track. The limited vents, the narrow shape, the truncated, dimpled tail, work in many circumstances.

The worked on making this helmet have a narrow profile to reduce frontal area. The brow is high enough an the ears set back enough that you can wear any glasses you choose with this lid. The truncated tail means that you don’t have to have the perfect aero tuck for this helmet to be fast. This helmet is even fast when your head is down. The dimpled, unvented back adds speed to the shape. The venting, is small, but effective.

The helmet starts with In-Mold foam that is certified to pass CE, CPSC, and AS standards. It’s secured to the head via the TS+ Turnfit system. It utilizes a cable and a dial to wrap the head, with the dial behind the head rather than on the helmet.

The small vent at the top is technically an Aquavent. It’s a spring-loaded port that allows you to pour water on your head as you ride.

Just because it’s aero doesn’t mean that Lazer is skimping on the accessories they’ve designed. It can be fitted with their Inclination Sensor so you can have practice holding your head in the proper position. It also works with their blinky light accessory. And it can even be fitted with their Cappucinolock this thingee is a lock that attaches to your helmet straps so you can use it as a short-term security to secure your bike while you get a snack.

The Lazer Tardiz 2 Aero Helmet gets you there ahead of time.