Lazer Magneto M1 Review

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Road.CC tested and reviewed the Lazer Magneto M1 eyewear recently and they liked what they discovered!

"Possibly one of the most innovative designs available today, the Lazer Magneto M1 glasses, with a crystal clear frame and photochromic lens, have a unique attachment system using magnets that makes them very comfortable over long rides, as well as easily stowable, while the lens makes them useful in almost any condition." -

The Lazer Magneto eyewear system is available in two styles, the M1/M1-S frameless style and the M2 frame style. Both use magnets to attach the eyewear to the helmet straps, or to connect to the back of the helmet when the glasses are not in use. This revolutionary system is quick and easy to set up and very comfortable to wear!

See the full review on the Magneto M1 system at Road.CC! -