Lazer Bullet Aero Helmet

As the helmet sponsor of several pro teams, Lazer had been pushed by their rider to come up with an aero road helmet. One that vented more like a regular lid than an aero helmet. In response, Lazer developed the Bullet Helmet, in both Standard and Mips versions.

The design is not based on their iconic Z1. That’s a great helmet, but the profile was not optimal for aerodynamics. They wanted something smaller. So they scrapped the design and worked on something new. The Bullet sits closer to the head and is shaped by wind tunnel testing so that the side vents don’t slow you down an the tail is shortened and shrouds the back of the head. Lazer fans will notice that the Rollsys dial is no longer present on top of the helmet, but a more conventional dial is used in back to snug the secondary retention system.

The killer feature of the Bullet is the adjustable venting system. Called Airslide, it’s the honeycomb section you see in front. It covers vents that tilt open and closed like Venetian blinds. When the cover is in the forward-most position, all the front vents are closed. As you slide it back, the vents start to open and a mouth opens in front as well. Weight for the Bullet is 315g.

There are eight side vents and the Airslide system for cooling. The helmet utilizes Lazer’s ATS fit system, which offers both adjustability and security. There are four sizes. As this helmet comes out of Belgium, it passes four different national certification tests: CE, CPSC, and AS. Lazer’s LifeBEAM technology can be installed to pick up and transmit your heart rate to your bike computer, it also can be fitted with their Inclination Sensor and their blinky light accessory.

As mentioned at the top there are two versions, Standard and Mips. The latter is similar to the former, but a torque-reducing technology has been added to the interior of the helmet. The basic idea of Mips, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is that the helmet can move around, just a little, when secured to your head, so when your casque-covered noggin collides with some heavy object, like the ground, your head can rotate a little to reduce rotational forces on your head and reduce overall impact. It achieves this by lining the foam with a “sliding enabler” material and then creating an internal structure called the “Mips Low Friction Liner” which goes around the retention and allows the helmet to move a bit while being secured to your head, in an effort to reduce rotational impact forces when the helmet hits the ground.

The Lazer Bullet is the leading edge of your aero advantage.