Lake MX180 Enduro/MTB Cycling Shoe

Made for those who log most of their weekly miles on dirt in inclement conditions, the MX180 Shoe is designed on Lake's Endurance Sport last, which is defined by its roomier toe box and tapered heel and midfoot. Sitting in the middle of Lake's range of shoes, the MX180 would make a notable upgrade from an entry-level model or an excellent investment as a starter shoe that could grow with on the trails. Lake constructs the shoe with a microfiber upper and extended cuff, complete with a waterproof lining and mesh paneling to keep air moving through the shoe as you pedal, and reinforces the wear-prone front region to protect your toes.

Lake takes a refreshing approach to foot shape and size with both its road and mountain lines, offering its shoes in a plethora of lasts to accommodate a wide assortment of foot contours and shapes. For anyone who's ever looked at cycling shoes and winced in anticipation of pinched toes and hot spots, Lake's generous approach to toe box dimensions more than earns it consideration.

Along the bottom of the MX180, a knobby Hypergrip Enduro rubber sole provides confidence-inspiring grip when you're forced to escort your bike on-foot along especially treacherous sections of trail, and Lake adds its Ice Lock anti-slip inserts to the lugs for further reinforcement. We'd expect no less from a brand so concerned with fit than a BOA dial closure, and Lake does not disappoint. It adds BOA's micro-adjustable IP1 lacing system to allow you to make precise adjustments along the length of the shoe so that you can focus on navigating weather-beaten trails with content feet.