Lake MX168 MTB Cycling Shoe

Hitting the trail requires a special kind of shoe, one that is designed for durability and comfort in rough conditions. Lake has designed their new MX168 MTB Shoe to fit this criteria perfectly with a rugged sole, upper and closure system.

The outsole is constructed using Lake's Hypergrip Enduro technology, which is designed to give you purchase on anything from smooth concrete to deep sand and boggy mud. The Sole also includes Ice Lock anti-slip lug inserts that can be added in in icy conditions for added traction.

Lake has constructed the upper from Action leather and breathable mesh. These materials can be wiped clean and the mesh allows for breathability without the threat of excessive dirt getting into your shoe.

An Enduro Standard Last offers a close fit toe box, high arch support and mid-width ball girth. This gives you the perfect amount of support, ensuring that your foot does not move around uncomfortably in the shoe.

Lake's use of the BOA IP1 closure system allows for micrometric adjustment on the fly and the reduction of pressure point build-up across the top of your shoe. The two-hole cleat fastening fits Shimano's SPD cleats.