Lake CX331 Road Shoes

Lake mixes mesh in with the soft, perforated kangaroo leather of the uppers to create a shoe that ventilates well while remaining incredibly durable and light. Since kangaroo leather is among the thinnest, longest-wearing types of leather around, the shoes have a pliable fit that only gets better over time. A single BOA closure offers easy fine-tuning across the top of the foot and plenty of room to make micro adjustments, allowing you to achieve a secure fit throughout your entire ride without creating excess pressure.

Carbon-soled cycling shoes can make a big difference while you're riding, but only if they fit right. Since no one's feet are exactly the same, Lake's solution is using carbon that can be customized. Its patent-pending Thermaformable carbon sole can be heated up in a conventional oven then molded to match the shape of your foot in a relatively quick process. Lake uses the same Thermaformable carbon in the heel cup as well, ensuring you achieve heel hold throughout your pedal stroke with shoes that are custom-formed to your feet.