Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 Competizione Clincher Wheels

The Racing Zero Competizione model takes all of the elements that made the Racing Zero such a fantastic and universally trusted wheel for racing and adds extra performance normally reserved only for top end carbon fibre models found under World Tour riders.

Gold Standard

The wheelset that was already considered the gold standard for high end aluminium racing wheels gets an added performance element in the form of CULT™ ceramic bearings making these wheels every bit as smooth as anything the professional riders have at their disposal. Couple that extreme smoothness (9 times smoother than traditional bearings) with aluminium oversized spokes, MoMag™ technology, TWO TO ONE™ spoke ratio, oversized drive side flange and race optimized rim design and you have a wheelset that should be the envy of most any rider. This model also features Fulcrum’s 2 way fit technology for tubeless tyres.


MoMag™ technology means no holes in your rim. No holes mean that the rim stays uniform at each point, becoming free from stress points or zones of weakness and, if used as a clincher no rim tape needed, reducing weight. This technology gives you greater rim lifetime, resistance to fatigue, run higher tensions for greater stiffness giving you faster acceleration and reactivity.

Rider Information

Max weight restriction: Riders 82KG+ are advised to be extra vigilant and inspect your wheels more frequently.