Fizik R5B Road Shoes

The F'izi:k R5B Road Shoe delivers the same high performing features as higher end shoes at a great price and in stunning style, great for riders who want to take their road cycling to the next level.

The R5B Road Shoe features the Boa IP1 closure system that makes adjustment on-the-go quick and easy and it's designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic. A sailcloth strap allows you to customize the fit around the toes for maximum comfort and minimum movement. The R5B’s carbon-reinforced nylon outsole is stiff for power transfer and sculpted to aid aerodynamics and together with the supportive and comfortable Fi’zi:k Cycling Insole these shoes ensure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals.

The F'izi:k range of road cycling shoes has been developed in collaboration with leading professional cyclists and used to great effect by WorldTour and World Championship riders. If you want a great looking shoe featuring the best technologies, materials, R&D, testing and manufacture techniques at an affordable price, the R5B Road Shoe delivers.