Fizik Link R3 Snake Bibs

Fizik's spine-focused approach to saddle design has made its lithe, minimal shelves stand out for years amongst more generic offerings. Taking rider's biomechanics into consideration and developing saddles that fit riders' builds as they are has meant that Fizik users don't have to suffer through long break-in periods or push through pain to ride with a high-end saddle. With the firm's mastery at sit-bone comfort, we aren't surprised that Fizik turned its attention to the piece of kit that has the next-greatest impact on ischial comfort with a line of bib shorts. If you're a self-sponsored athlete and haven't been graced with team kit for the season just yet, consider the Link R3 Snake Bib Short.

Designed to be used with the Snake-friendly Arione Regular and Arione Large saddles, the R3 Snake works best for cyclists with highly flexible spines. Placing most of your weight on your sit bones and reaching the handlebars without needing to rotate your pelvis are common attributes of Snake riders, and the R3 Snake's insert's cushioning is arranged to complement that aggressive riding position. Fizik starts with the exact same 8mm foam core in the R3 Snake's insert as it does in the top-end R1, providing riders with the same base cushioning, then adopting a slightly thinner design for the more affordable R3. Featuring only a single channel through the center of the insert and uniform padding on either side, the R3 Snake helps relieve the limited pressure that Snake riders place on the saddle when riding.