Fizik Link R3 Bull Bibs

Fizik has a long history with successfully using spinal flexibility as a factor in saddle design with its semi-custom line of saddles shaped to suit riders' biomechanics, rather than asking riders to make a saddle shape work for them. The Bull, Chameleon, and Snake distinctions are well-known and respected, so it only makes sense that as its next project, Fizik would address the part of kit that comes in contact with the saddle the most. The resulting Link R3 bib shorts includes its own Bull, Chameleon, and Snake inserts shaped to integrate with their corresponding saddles. If you've long struggled with inflexibility and putting significant pressure on the saddle as you turn the pedals, the Bull is your answer.

Instead of sitting atop the right saddle in a bib short whose cushioning is never quite in the right place, you'll ride in a complete system customized to fit your body with the R3 Bull and Aliante saddle. As the more affordable sibling of the top-of-the-line R1, the R3 certainly doesn't behave like the more budget-friendly option that it is. Made with a stretchy, supportive Lycra blend, the Link R3 offers a fit and feel that isn't necessarily a step down at all from the woven blend of the R1. If you value the mobility of Lycra and its stabilizing fit, you may very well prefer the R3's construction to its pro-level counterpart's.