Fizik Link R1 Bull Bibs

The Link R1 represents the lux end of the brand's pool of bibs, but it does so with a fit tailored to less-flexible riders. It incorporates a chamois built for riders whose relative lack of spine flexibility means they often rotate their hips forward in the saddle, making it analogous to the Aliante saddle, though not specifically limited to it.

Though this is Fizik's first outing in chamois land, the Link R1 feels like the product of multiple generations of R&D. This immediate rise to the top is impressive—though, admittedly, not unexpected. After all, the brand has made a name for itself by redefining our expectations throughout the cockpit, so extending that expertise to bib shorts was the next logical step, and focusing on the chamois is itself the most obvious point. This particular pair of Link bibs is finished with Fizik's Bull chamois, which distributes support in order to account for the 10-degree angle of approach that Fizik has identified in riders with less flexible spines.