Fizik Cyrano 00 Bull Road Bars

 Fi'zi:k has taken its Spine Concept Fit system and applied it not only to saddles, but also to handlebars. This means that even if touching your toes eludes you, riding a bike with properly fitted equipment doesn't need to. The Cyrano 00 Bull Handlebar is a high-modulus carbon design, specifically made to work with a less flexible rider's needs.

The Cyrano 00 is virtually identical to Fi'zi:k's R1. The primary difference is that while the R1 was constructed of unidirectional carbon fiber, the 00 is a step above — molded from a high-modulus unidirectional carbon. This gives the 00 additional durability and strength to withstand even the strongest riders and the most powerful sprints.The Cyrano 00 Bull is available in four widths: 400mm, 420mm, 440mm, and 460mm. These widths accommodate a wide variety of riders. The reach is 75mm in 400mm width and 80mm for the other three width options. The drop ranges from 125mm in the 400mm wide version, to 130mm in the three wider bars.

The reach and drop measurements sound similar to other handlebars. So, what makes this bar ideal for a rider classified as a Bull? Well, many times, a rider with an inflexible spine is stuck holding onto the hoods of the bike as the drops are not appropriately shaped for adequate hold — the Cyrano's drop is shaped so that a Bullish rider may easily reach all positions in the drops. The drops of the Cyrano 00 are angled from the brake hood clamp area toward the back at roughly a 45-degree angle. Rather than having to reach far beneath the bar to grab the drops for a sprint, and banging your forearms in the process, the effective reach is decreased for a secure hold.

The Fi'zi:k Cyrano 00 Bull Handlebar weighs 175 grams for the 420mm wide bar. It comes in fours sizes from 400mm to 460mm wide and in one color.

  • Material: High Modulus Uni-Directional Carbon
  • Drop: 130 mm. (Size: 420mm. center to center)
  • Reach: 80 mm. (Size: 420mm. center to center)
  • Available Size: 400; 420; 440; 460 mm. center to center
  • Weight: 175 g. (Size: 420mm. center to center)