Easton Vice XLT 27.5" Wheels

Now that 27.5-inch frames are up to speed, Easton's Vice XLT Wheels are providing the UST rolling stock that riders have come to expect from this quality and speed-focused manufacturer. What you'll find here is the same Sapim straight-pull spokes, alloy rim, and X4 hubs that make Easton wheels a popular upgrade over stock units, only now for the 27.5-inch lot.

To start with, the stiff, UST-compatible EA90 aluminum rim measures 26mm externally and 21mm internally. This provides plenty of width for excellent volume on 2.1-inch and larger tires. Tying the rim to the hub, Easton uses traditional alloy nipples and, as stated before, straight-pull Sapim spokes.

By opting for straight-pull over J-bend spokes, Easton increases the overall wheel strength while also reducing weight. There are 24 spokes for both front and rear wheels that are laced in a three-cross pattern for strength. Meanwhile, the hub has been updated with wider spaced cartridge bearings that better distribute loads. This, and the use of easy-to-maintain cartridge bearings, ensures durability for miles and miles of dirt riding. The freehub mechanism has very little resistance and engages quickly for technical trails and race-day ride quality.

The front and rear wheels ship with 15x100QR and 12x142mm spacers — adapters for other standards are available separately. The wheels are six-bolt rotor compatible and ship with valve stems.