Crank Bros Mallet E Pedals

The Crank Brothers Mallet Enduro pedals have been methodically designed down to the smallest details to provide one of the most readied enduro pedals on the market. Whether you’re racing or shredding in good vibes with friends, the Mallet Enduro has been shaped with a concave platform dotted by 6 adjustable pins (each side) for a more secure footing. The traction pad technology that runs the center width of the pedal compliments the ribbed pattern towards the outside to provide better traction when unclipped.

Knowing that enduro riding and racing often involves “sucking-it-in” to squeeze through tight trails and boulder aisles, Crank Brothers chamfered the edges to reduce rock strikes and reduced the q-factor to 52mm to offer a narrower profile. When things get a bit sketchy and the inevitable “unclip” happens, the 4-sided entry not only allows easy clip-in, but also sheds mud quickly to prevent buildup.

Also available in LS model - Long Spindles.