Crank Bros Mallet DH Pedals

The elephantine platform and increased pin count also mean the Mallet DH Race plays well with flats for courses where frequent foot-downs are key to staying upright. The final bread crumb in the trail of clues is that the DH Race also have a wider Q factor than the rest of the Mallet line, making for a more secure stance that, again, lends itself to the rigors of gravity runs. The final breadcrumb in the trail of clues is that

The oversized spindle is 5mm girthier than the standard Mallet models, and it rides on both cartridge and needle bearings with long-life seals to ensure these essential components stay clean and smooth after seasons of use. The cleat retention system is classic Egg Beater with a corrosion-proof stainless steel spring. The included brass cleats allow for either 15 or 20 degrees of float depending on set up.