Crank Bros Candy 2 Pedals

The only concessions separating Crank Brothers' Candy 2 Pedals from the Candy 3 are in the wing's material and the inner bearing. For the wing, the Candy 2 features stamped steel instead of the Candy 3's stainless and the former's inner bearing is actually a bushing. Other than that, the Candy 2 enjoys the same combination of muck-clearing, open engagement design and platform stability as the more expensive members of the Candy family.

Just like the Eggbeaters, the Candy 2 Pedals afford 6 degrees of float and come with two-bolt cleats that fit any mountain bike shoes. The cleats are slightly asymmetrical, so they allow a choice of 15 or 20-degree release angles depending on which shoe they're mounted to. Another benefit of Crank Brothers' use of brass for the cleat is that they're slightly softer than the steel used in the retention system of the pedals. This ensures that the inexpensive and easy to replace cleats will wear out before your spendy pedal parts.

In the event of a particularly calamitous incident or the accumulation of general trail abuse, Crank Brothers designs its pedals to be easily serviced. They can be disassembled, re-greased, and bolted back together in just a few minutes. The pedals are packaged with cleats, two shims for shoe protection purposes, and all the necessary cleat hardware for installation.