Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedals

In contrast to the ultra-minimalist Eggbeater, the Crank Brothers Candy 11 Pedals provide a small platform to offer more support and contact area while still living up to the Eggbeater's famed mud-shedding ability and easy four-sided entry functionality. To minimize weight gained from that added platform, Crank Brothers utilizes aluminum for the body and titanium for the retention wings, spindle, and inner sleeve to maximize strength without sacrificing weight, making this the perfect clipless pedal for cross-country and cyclocross race applications.

Crank Brothers adds in its new traction pad technology, which consists of two rubber pads placed on the pedal body that increase grip and promote effective cleat engagement. The Candy 11s come with one millimeter and two millimeter interchangeable pads, allowing riders to customize the system to best match with their favorite off-road shoes. Additional ribbing on the wings provides an extra dose of traction when not clipped in.