Crank Bros Candy 1 Pedals

Crank Brothers Candy 1 Pedals find a way to agreeably split the difference between flats and eggbeaters. They've got a composite body and stamped steel wings that add surface area to the pedal body for more power transfer and better control on fast descents than an eggbeater alone, but without the extra weight of flats.

We can't think of many people who don't like candy. Like its namesake, the Candy 1 gets along energetically with just about every trail discipline you throw at it — even 'cross. Great for beginners or riders who aren't quite convinced that clipless mountain pedals deserve the hype they get, the Candy 1 offers customizable release angles of 15 and 20 degrees, so you can set them up just the way you like them.

Crank Brothers uses durable, light stainless steel to construct the spindle, shaping it to shed mud for easy clip-outs during treacherous sections of trail that might sneak up on you. At just 282g per pair, the Candy 1 will add far less weight to your bike than those bulky flats you've been riding, and it'll give you the chance to see what a good pair of clipless pedals can do for your riding.