45North Husker Du Fatbike Tire

A lightweight fatbike tire with the ultimate combination of traction and low rolling resistance. Tightly spaced center blocks roll fast and loosely spaced shoulder knobs give more bite on the sides. Equal tread depth across the casing enhances steering and tracking performance in a wide variety of conditions.

SIPING Tiny grooves on large tread lugs create more edges for grip. These grooves also give the tire more flexibility to move over surface undulations, providing enhanced acceleration, braking and cornering traction while also creating a more comfortable ride quality. Siping has been used in the automobile industry for years to augment the performance of tires in winter driving conditions.

  • 26 x 4.0” (559/26”MTN)
  • 120tpi
  • Folding (120tpi option)
  • 65-102mm wide rims