2016 Ridley Noah SL Frameset

Ridley designed the Noah SL to capture the essence of speed and performance in an ultralightpackage and via some of the most sophisticated aerodynamic technology in the industry.It relies upon lessons learned from a strong racing heritage, and the design sets a new benchmarkin the aero category. It stays true to Ridley’s form-follows-function design principle, where everydetail has been studied and tested to reach ultimate performance.

Ridley’s first concern on the Noah SL was optimizing our legacy of superior aerodynamic technologies.  As a pioneer of aero road bikes, Ridley understands that bike-related drag needs to be reduced for any athlete to achieve maximum potential.  On the Noah SL, we use an aero-integrated headtube and fork,our revolutionary F-Split fork, and molded-in F-surfaces to improve laminar flow and reduce drag, making our athletes and our customers faster.

Secondary concerns on the Noah SL are informed by our smart, form-follows-function design.  For example, we use stainless dropout reinforcements – at a 15 gram penalty – because we believe in rider safety and frame longevity over reducing weight to the extreme.  This pragmatism also informs our brake spec, which sensibly allows both for adjustment by team mechanics hanging out of a support car at 60 kph, but also for easy replacement by our customers if they prefer a different brake.  A close look at the Noah SL reveals many design and engineering decisions – from tube shapes to internal cable routing – that make the Noah SL both more aerodynamic, and the best possible lightweight, high-speed aero road bike available today.  In short, the Ridley Noah SL is the bike of choice for the true cycling enthusiast or pro who is looking for ultimate speed.