2014 Fulcrum Red Power XL MTB Wheels

The Red Power XL represents the head of the family of Red Power wheels.

As is the Fulcrum tradition, for each new product the performance features have been further improved: the new milled rim of the Red Power XL is in a category by itself and its special machining not only increases the values of lateral stiffness and reactivity but also takes the wheel to a record low weight of 1735g.

Thanks to the straight pull spokes and the oversize hub, this wheel is extremely rigid and reactive, enabling a quick and precise response on any type of course.

The exclusive 2:1 Two-to-One™ technology, in which the number of spokes on the cassette side is doubled with respect to the opposite side, keeps the spoke tensions in balance at the moment in which the rider transfers power to the wheel. The nipples feature a self-locking system that maintains the correct tension of the spokes indefinitely, and without the need for servicing.

The superior quality sealed industrial bearings, provide incredible smoothness that remains unaltered over time, and the 20mm aluminium axle guarantees a considerable reduction in weight along with a high level of stiffness, all to the advantage of steering precision.

The exclusive 5-axis hub machining system makes it possible to create a spoke seat perfectly, which provides a precise line of spoke tensioning. With this solution, the tension values are the same at every point of the spoke, thus reducing stress on the rim and on the spokes and keeping the wheel balanced.

 The new Red Power XL wheels include the QR/15mm thru-axle adapter kit for the front wheel, which makes it possible to use the same wheel with both standard front forks.