2014 Fulcrum Red Power SL MTB Wheels

Sturdy, strong, and seductive.

The Red Power SL wheels for clincher are the ideal choice for everyday use and training, without foregoing performance. The geometry of the spokes and hub make the Red Power SL extremely reactive and offer high performance, and the new graphics make them even more aggressive… just like the price!

The class 19 lightened rim allows you to confront any off-road course and to fit tires from 28 to 47mm in width.

Thanks to the straight- pull spokes and oversized hub, this wheel is extremely rigid and reactive, enabling a quick and precise response on any type of course.

The exclusive 2:1 Two-to-One™ technology, in which the number of spokes on the cassette side is doubled with respect to the opposite side, keeps the spoke tensions in balance at the moment in which the rider transfers power to the wheel. The nipples feature a self-locking system that maintains the correct tension of the spokes over time, without the need for servicing.

The 20mm aluminium axle guarantees a considerable reduction in weight along with a high level of stiffness, all to the advantage of manoeuvring precision.  The sealed industrial bearings are maintenance-free and ensure long-lasting performance.

Sturdy, resistant and eye-catching.  The Red PowerTM SL for clinchers is the best choice for daily use and training, without ever compromising on performance. The geometry of the hub and spokes make the Red PowerTM SL extremely reactive and efficient, and the new graphics make it all the more aggressive... just like its price.